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MAJT Volume 6.1 & 6.2
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6.1 Contents

Creation and Covenant: Part One by Mark D. Vander Hart
How Shall We Read Genesis 1? by Cornelis Van Dam
Early Reformed Missions in the East Indies by Peter Y. De Jong

Book Reviews
James I. Packer. A Quest for Godliness: the Puritan Vision of the Christian Life. Robert E. Grossmann
Graham Houston. Prophecy: A Gift for Today? Raymond O. Zorn
J. P. Moreland. Christianity and the Nature of Science: A Philosophical Investigation. Cornelis P. Venema.
JÜrgen Moltmann. Gerechtigkeit Schafft Zukunft: Friedenspolitik und Schöpfungsethik in einer bedrohten Welt. Raymond O. Zorn
Anthony A. Hoekema. Saved by Grace. Cornelis P. Venema
Hendrikus Berkhof. Two hundred Years of Theology: Report of a Personal Journey. Raymond O. Zorn
Ronald S. Wallace. Calvin, Geneva and the Reformation: A Study of Calvin as Social Reformer, Churchman, Pastor, and Theologian. Cornelis P. Venema
J.W. Cooper. Body, Soul and Life Everlasting: Biblical Anthropology and the Monism-Dualism Debate. Raymond O. Zorn
John H. Leith. John's Calvin's Doctrine of the Christian Life. Cornelis P. Venema
Roger J. Magnuson. Are Gay Rights Right?: Making Sense of the Controversy. Raymond O. Zorn

6.2 Contents

Creation and Covenant: Part Two by Mark D. Vander Hart
Reflections on “Primeval History” and Van Till's Hermeneutics by Albert M. Wolters
Studying Spirituality in a Reformed Seminary: A Calvinist Model by Nelson D. Kloosterman

Book Reviews
Norman De Jong. God's Wedding Band: Reflections on the Creation-Evolution Controversy. Robert E. Grossmann
William S. Barker and W. Robert Godfrey. Theonomy: A Reformed Critique. Raymond O. Zorn
Kelly James Clark. Return to Reason: A Critique of Enlightenment Evidentialism and a Defense of Reason and Belief in God. Cornelis P. Venema
Harry R. Boer. An Ember Still Glowing: Humankind as the Image of God. Cornelis P. Venema
Allen Carden. Puritan Christianity in America: Religion and Life in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts. Raymond O. Zorn
Colin Duriez. The C. S. Lewis Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to His Life, Thought and Writings. Raymond O. Zorn
Les L. Steele. On the Way: A Practical Theology of Christian Formation. Raymond O. Zorn
John M. Frame. Perspectives on the Word of God: An Introduction to Christian Ethics. Cornelis P. Venema
Darrell Smith. Integrative Therapy. Raymond O. Zorn


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