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MAJT Volume 11
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Editor's Introduction: Editorial: A Plea for the Recovery of the Sacraments by J. Mark Beach

The Doctrine of the Sacraments and Baptism according to the Reformed Confessions by Cornelis P. Venema
The Sacrament of Baptism by Cornelis Trimp
At Least Weekly: The Reformed Doctrine of the Lord's Supper and of its Frequent Celebration by Michael S. Horton
History and Sacrament: John Williamson Nevin and Charles Hodge on the Lord's Supper by Peter J. Wallace

Book Reviews and Short Notices
Beasley-Murray, G.R. Baptism in the New Testament. J. Mark Beach:
Booth, Robert R. Children of the Promise: The Biblical Case for Infant Baptism. J. Mark Beach
Bridge, Donald and David Phypers. The Water that Divides: A Survey of the Doctrine of Baptism. Roger W. Sparks
Crooks, Rodgers M. Salvation's Sign and Seal: The Case for Infant Baptism. Bruce H. Hollister
Dale, James W. Classic Baptism: An Inquiry into the Meaning of Baptizo as Determined by the Usage of Classical Greek Writers; Judaic Baptism: An Inquiry into the Meaning of Baptizo as Determined by the Usage of Jewish and Patristic Writers;
Johannic Baptism: An Inquiry into the Meaning of the Baptizo as Determined by the Usage of the Johannine Writings; Christic and Patristic Baptism: An Inquiry into the Meaning of Baptizo as Determined by the Usage of Christic and Patristic Writers
. Cornelis P. Venema
Hamilton, David S.M. Through the Waters: Baptism and the Christian Life. Alan D. Strange
Porster, Stanley E. and Anthony R. Cross, editors. Baptism, the New Testament and the Church: Historical and Contemporary Studies in Honour of R.E.O. White. Nelson D. Kloosterman
Root, Michael and Risto Saarinen, editors. Baptism and the Unity of the Church. Jacques Roets
Stevenson, Kenneth. The Mystery of Baptism in the Anglican Tradition. Mark D. Vander Hart
Westerink, H. A Sign of Faithfulness: Covenant and Baptism. Mark D. Vander Hart
Wilson, Douglas. To a Thousand Generations: Infant Baptism, Covenant Mercy for the People of God. Cornelis P. Venema
Audi, Robert, general editor. The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, Second edition. J. Mark Beach
Beeke, Joel R. and Sinclair B. Ferguson, editors. Reformed Confessions Harmonized: with an Annotated Bibliography of Reformed Doctrinal Works. Cornelis P. Venema
Gerrish, B.A. Saving and Secular Faith: An Invitation to Systematic Theology. Cornelis P. Venema
Kung, Hans. Great Christian Thinkers. J. Mark Beach
Rohls, Jan. Reformed Confessions: Theology from Zurich to Barmen. Cornelis P. Venema
Ziefle, Helmut W. Modern Theological German: A Reader and Dictionary (two volumes in one). J. Mark Beach


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